In the News Article Identification Methods

Items posted to the In the News section of the website are manually screened and selected by members of the STEM project. News items are identified through two main pathways: 1) passive surveillance of news and academic sources by STEM team members, and 2) targeted biweekly Google News searches using predetermined search strings.[1] Potential articles are screened using the inclusion criteria in Table 1 and selected for posting every 2 weeks.

In the News is intended to provide selected information and context about the growing field of cannabis research and is not intended to be comprehensive. The items included do not reflect personal opinions or advocacy regarding cannabis and cannabis-related research.

Table 1. In the News Inclusion-Exclusion Criteria

  • Nonpartisan news site (e.g., NPR, NYT, Kaiser Health News)
  • Government site (e.g., NIH, AHRQ)
  • Academic journal or trial registry (includes journal-related blogs such as Health Affairs)
  • Cannabis advocacy sources (e.g., Marijuana Moment)
  • Pop culture publications (e.g., Rolling Stone)
  • Hyper-local publications (e.g., the Stranger)
  • Personal blogs
Aim and Content
  • Changes in state and federal cannabis policy/regulation
  • New studies or upcoming research about:
    • Cannabis and derivatives or cannabinoids as treatment (benefits and harms)
    • Treatment of CUD
    • Prevalence of cannabis use or CUD in populations of interest
  • Information about any new dataset or resource relevant to cannabis research
  • Emerging cannabis products and delivery methods
  • Funding announcements
  • No novel information reported (e.g., commentary on state of cannabis research)
  • Information about the political divisiveness of cannabis
  • Local (i.e., city or regional) or international cannabis policy
  • Cannabis investment market info (e.g., market performance of pharmacotherapies for CUD)
Example populations of interest
  • Veterans
  • People with chronic pain conditions and neurologic disorders
  • People with CUD
  • People with PTSD
  • Adolescents and young adults
  • Pregnant people
  • Children

Abbreviations. AHRQ: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; CUD: cannabis use disorder; NIH: National Institutes of Health; NPR: National Public Radio; NYT: New York Times

[1] Google News search strings: (cannabis OR marijuana OR THC OR CBD) AND (research OR data OR funding OR treatment OR prevalence OR addiction OR policy OR legal OR regulation)